Air Fryer vs Air Fryer Oven – Which one is Best and Why?

Having an air fryer is a blessing because you can cook yummy food in a few minutes. Top air fryers uses hot air technology that circulates into the chamber and deep fry your food so you do not need to add so much oil. You can prepare your meal with less or no oil. We have lots of air fryer in the market that have different features. Air fryers are now so upgraded that you will see countertop air fryer, air fryer toaster oven, rotisserie air fryer, and air fryer oven. These are the types of air fryer having their own unique feature.

Air fryer vs air fryer oven

A countertop air fryer and an air fryer oven are not separate things. They have the same features with little bit differences. Both of these air fryers deep fry things from all angles and give food a crispier taste. Either you buy a countertop air fryer or air fryer oven you will be happy to have such a great kitchen gadget. Now let us differentiate both air fryer and air fryer oven.

Air fryer oven

An air fryer oven is a large size air fryer that have air fryer cooking mode with large space. For large families or guests, this air fryer is specially designed because the countertop air fryer is not available in such large sizes. Having the same features as a standalone air fryer with some updated features is now available in the market. Some of the air fryer oven features are

  • Large enough to a roast a whole turkey, large size pizza, 6-8 toast, and many other things
  • It will cook food quickly so you do not wait long for your food
  • Have a wide range of temperature that can be changed according to your food by just rotating the knob
  • Yummy and crispy food
  • Easy to clean with a soft piece of cloth

Countertop air fryer

A compact air fryer with its amazing design fits on the countertop. It’s the perfect air fryer for small families. Few air fryers are also available in large sizes so it depends on you what type of air fryer you want to buy. Using hot air and rapid air technology your food will ready in a few minutes with 70-80% less fat. You can broil, dehydrate, air fry, bake, roast as well as slow cook with these air fryers. Here are few features of countertop air fryer

  • Compact size that can be fit anywhere and is perfect all in one product
  • Due to its size and features these air fryers are affordable and best budget air fryer
  • Your meal will be ready in a few minutes
  • Easy to clean and all the accessories are dishwasher safe


Keeping all the points in mind now you are able to differentiate between the countertop air fryer and the air fryer oven. Both have almost the same features with little bit differences. If you have a small family or you have less counter space then an air fryer will be best. And if you have a large family you can buy an air fryer oven with a large capacity. You can buy whatever suits you.



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  1. I have a Yedi Air Fryer Oven. How do you fry anything on it? All the recipes in the booklet are for an oven. There is no fry basket, only oven racks, and rotisserie accessories. Your review above says that you can also broil in both the Air Fryer and Air Fryer Oven. How do you broil on this Air Fryer Oven?


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