Air fryer vs. Convection oven/ What’s the Difference Between Both

A convectional oven and the air fryer are almost same with little bit differences. Both uses hot air that circulates around the food but convectional oven has more space than air fryer. It gives your food a crispy texture and cooks perfectly. While buying an air fryer you must have some curiosity that what is the difference between air fryer and the convectional oven. Now lets us differentiate between air fryer and convectional oven.

What is a Convection oven?

A convection oven is like a toaster oven that has large capacity. There is a fan in to the oven that blows hot air around the food and cook food evenly from all sides. This air motion in convection oven is called convection effect. Convection effect helps to cook food quickly as compared to ordinary oven. For large families convectional oven is good but it needs large space to store.

What is an Air Fryer?

Air fryer is small unit that has so many features. You can broil, bake, and air fry thing in a few minutes. The hot air technology in this air fryer will allow you to cook food with crispy texture. You can make almost everything with less or no oil. With its compact size you can easily store it and its looks beautiful on your countertop. You can make meal for a small family and can make quick snakes with air fryer.

Difference between air fryer and convection oven

Air fryer is compact size and is space saver but convectional oven is large size and storing it is difficult. Air fryer oven has so many features like you can use it as air fryer, toaster, oven, dehydrator and roaster. But convectional oven do not have many features. Both uses hot air to cook food with less oil and make tasty and healthy food. Air fryer is all in one product that saves your time, money and space. you do not to buy all the appliances separately just buy an air fryer and make everything with this all In one product.

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