Best air fryer cookbook to buy in 2022 with easy recipes

After buying an air fryer most people do not know how to cook and what they can cook in the air fryer. If you don’t have an air fryer go buy an air fryer first. There are so many best air fryers in the market that offers a free cookbook but some air fryers do not have a free recipe book. These recipe books will provide a complete guide about your meals. Like if you want to roast chicken, these air fryer cookbooks will tell you the temperature range and the whole cooking method. You can read reviews of the best air fryer cookbook 2022 here.

Best air fryer cookbook 2022

There are so many cook books available in the market among these I have listed down 5 best cookbooks with lots of recipes. You can buy any of them and enjoy amazing cooking.

1. Air fryer cookbook (600 Recipes)

Air Fryer Cookbook


An amazing air fryer cookbook with 600 effortless recipes. This cookbook is available in paperback as well in spiral-bound. If you are a beginner or advanced user this cookbook will be best for you. This cookbook includes lots of quick snacks and side dishes recipes.

A separate portion of vegetarian and vegetables air fryer recipes. Also lots of poultry, pork, and beef recipes that you will love to eat. Not only spicy dishes this air fryer cookbook has dessert and sweets recipes as well. With lots of easy and tasty recipes, this is the best air fryer cookbook 2022.



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2. Air fryer everything (By Meredith Laurence)

Air Fry Everything


Easy and delicious food recipes by a blue jean chef Meredith Laurence. This air fryer cookbook has more than 130 new and easy recipes for breakfast lunch and for dinner. A lot of snacks that will be ready in few minutes in air fryer.

It also includes restaurant makeovers like blooming onions, onion rings, skinny fries, and many more. All the recipes include low calories food with a healthy and crunchy texture. With this recipe book, you can make desserts and sweets as well.



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3. Air fryer cookbook for beginners (Diet food recipes)

Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners


Air fryer cookbook that is for beginners and includes all recipes that are easy to cook. There are also weight loss low-carb recipes such as avocado fries, Keto fried chicken, air fryer cinnamon rolls, etc. these low-carb recipes will help you to reduce your weight in few days. so you can enjoy fried food in diet isn’t is too good.

You will get so many air fryer recipes that are healthy and tasty. A wide range of recipes that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Party dishes and other snacks are also easy to make with this air fryer cookbook for bringers.



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4. Paula Deen’s Air Fryer Cookbook (Easy Recipes)

Paula Deen’s Air Fryer Cookbook


Paula deen has prepared 150 air fryers recipes that have delicious recipes that you can make easily. This book has separate portions of food recipes. You can make appetizers, seafood, meats, sweets, and poultry. With the help of the air fryer and this recipe book, you will make meal in a few minutes.

You will see that there is a portion of vegetable recipes for vegetarians and a verity of non-veg dishes that include fish, chicken, beef, and pork. All of these recipes are easy to understand and make. This cookbook also has dessert and sweet dishes recipes that you can make in an air fryer. Either you are using Ninja or GoWISE air fryer these recipes are for all types of the air fryer.


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With 600 outstanding recipes, Air Fryer Cookbook is the best air fryer cookbook of 2022 and my favorite one. After reading these reviews of different air fryer cookbooks you can make a decision that which recipes book you want to buy. You can now make easy and tasty dishes for your family.

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