Best Small Air Fryer 2022 | Easily Fits In Your Kitchen Space

If you are worried to buy an air fryer just because you don’t have enough counter space then you do not need to worry. Because the manufacturer has also introduced the best small air fryer 2022 that can easily fit in your kitchen. These compact size air fryers have the same features and can cook delicious food as the larger one can.

You just have to decide how small an air fryer you want that can make a meal for your family as well as can fit on your countertop. There are different small air fryers that have different sizes depending upon the size of the basket. If you want to buy an air fryer for side items or for snacks than a small air fryer with small basket will be good. But if you want to use it for larger items than you should buy a larger one.

There are reviews of the best compact air fryers 2022 that will certainly help you to find your best product with amazing features. With these air fryers, you can create your meal in a few minutes. So lets start our small air fryer reviews.

Our Top Picks

Ninja Air Fryer

List of 7 Best Small Air Fryers to buy in 2022

Finding best small air fryer of 2022 is not as easy as one may think. While comparing different products you will waste most of your time. So this comparison table will help you to compare each product and to make a decision without wasting your time. Have a look at this table

Top-Rated+High Gloss finish Top-Rated+High Gloss finish
Ninja Air Fryer
  • Capacity: 4-Quart
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature: 105-400F
  • Presets: 4
  • Fat Reduction:75%
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High-End High-End
Ninja Foodi
  • Capacity: 4-Quart
  • Power: 1760 W
  • Temperature: 500F
  • Presets: 5
  • Fat Reduction:75%
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Top pick+Automatic standby mode Top pick+Automatic standby mode
  • Capacity: 3.7-Quart
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature: 170-400F
  • Presets: 8
  • Fat Reduction:No oil
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Cheap rates+advanced safety feature Cheap rates+advanced safety feature
Chefman Turbofry
  • Capacity: 2.11-Quart
  • Power: 700W
  • Temperature:Adjustable
  • Presets:Different
  • Fat Reduction: 98%
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  • Capacity: 3-Quart
  • Power: 1300W
  • Temperature: 100-400F
  • Presets: 6
  • Fat Reduction:Oil Free
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Auto shut off + Best Budget Auto shut off + Best Budget
BELLA air fryer
  • Capacity: 2.6-Quart
  • Power: 1500W
  • Temperature: Adjustable
  • Presets: Multi features
  • Fat Reduction:No or less oil
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Auto Shut off+AirCrisp technology Auto Shut off+AirCrisp technology
Dash Compact Air Fryer
  • Capacity: 1.2-Quart
  • Power: 900W
  • Temperature: 170-400F
  • Presets: Multi functions
  • Fat Reduction: 70-80%
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1. Ninja Small Air Fryer (Top Pick)

Ninja Air Fryer It is an air fryer that allows you to cook with up to 75% less fat. So you do not need to avoid fried food just because of the excessive use of oil. Due to its hot air technology that revolves around the food you can enjoy crispy and delicious food.

This compact air fryer has a 4-quart basket that is coated with ceramic material and is best small air fryer 2022.  You can adjust the temperature from 105-400F that remove moisture from food and cook your food in a few minutes. Preheat time is required before coming up to adjusted temperature.

  Tip: preheat your unit for 3 minutes before adding your meal. 

There is a control panel that has 4 presets functions such as preheat, air fryer, roast and dehydrate. Moreover, you can manually set the temperature and time for your food by just clicking on the screen. If you want to check that your meal is ready or not there is a pause button that will pause the process and you can check that your food is ready or not.

The cleaning process of this unit is easy because accessories of this air fryer are made of a non-stick material that is dishwasher safe and can be clean easily. Moreover, it is one of the best air fryer 2022 to compliment your kitchen countrer!

What do we like?
  • Compact size
  • 4 built-in functions
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 75% less fat food
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Easy to program and setup
What don’t we like?
  • Fan can be loud

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2. Ninja Foodi air fryer (High-End)

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 4-Qt.Ninja foodi has a temperature range of 500F. At this 500F air circulates around and the grill grate creates char grilled marks. This air fryer transforms frozen food into a perfect grill in just 25 minutes. You can reduce 75% of fat and can make your meal in less or no oil.

This small air fryer of 2022 has 4 built-in features so you can bake, dehydrate, the air crisp, and roast.  You can also set the time and temperature for your meal. The panel has 4 levels of heat such as low, mid, high, and max for grilling. You can start and stop the process at any time.

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The mixture of splatter shield, cool air zone, and temperature-controlled grill grate helps to minimize the smoke and keep your kitchen smoke free.

This unit has a 4-quart basket size that is made of non-stick material so you can easily clean it. Also, all the accessories are dishwasher safe.

What do we like?
  • Easy to use
  • 4 Quart size
  • 500-degree grill grate
  • Smoke-free
  • No flip required
  • Food is cook is a few minutes
  • Healthy meal
  • 75% less fat
What don’t we like?
  • You can’t air fry and grill at the same time

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3. GoWISE USA Small Air Fryer 2022 – Top pick

GoWISE USA 3.7-A 3.7-quart programmable air fryer that allows you to cook food with less or no oil. You can make less fat food with the same texture and taste. This unit applies rapid air technology to prepare food. This hot air circulates around the food and cooks it perfectly with amazing taste.

There are 8 presets programs that are warm, fish, pork, cake, chicken, steak, shrimp, and chips. You just need to press the reset on the digital screen after adding ingredients and your meal will be ready in a few minutes. This unit also allows you to set the temperature from 170F-400F and time from 1-30 minutes. So you can make other dishes and your favorite recipes.

This air fryer has a timer that beeps 5 times when your food will be ready also the fan will stop after 20 seconds and the indicator shows you that your food is ready. The accessories are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

What do we like?
  • 8 build-in functions
  • Less oil food
  • 3.7 Quart size
  • Healthy food
  • Uses rapid air technology to cook food
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Automatic standby mode
  • Available in different colors
What don’t we like?
  • Hand wash process is difficult
  • make a meal for 2 people

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4. Chefman TurboFry (Affordable Small Air Fryer of 2022)

chefman turbofry 2 literChefman air fryer is a matte black sleek and rounded shape that looks beautiful on countertop. With its smallest size of 2 liter, it can fit everywhere and is easy to store. With the 2-in-1 basket and tank, it has a small size with a maximum capacity of cooking.

You can make healthy fried food with less or no oil having the same taste and crispiness. Your food will be cooked in the temperature range that can be adjustable and you can fry veggies, pizza, frozen materials, chips, and many more items. With the dial knob, you can adjust the temperature with pressure and also the time of the unit.

This air fryer is easy to use and is safe and good for cooking with kids. The heating indicator lights make this air fryer even safer. Chefman air fryer is safe to use and is durable. The basket of this unit is coated with non-stick material and is dishwasher safe. You can also wash it with hands but be careful and use a sponge or a soft cloth to clean it.

What do we like?
  • Space saver
  • Cheap rates
  • 1-year warrantee
  • Advanced safety feature
  • Safe to use
  • Perfectly crispy results
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable cooking tray
  • Use 98% less  oil
What don’t we like?
  • The basket takes time to clean

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5. NUWAVE BRIO digital air fryer

NUWAVE BRIO 3-Quart Digital This unit uses a combination of super-heated air and unique-air flow to cook food. This design helps to make crispy and delicious fried food without using excessive oil. You can cook all your favorite dishes because of flavor infusion technology even you can cook frozen items without defrosting.

The chamber of NUWAVE BRIO is designed uniquely in which super heat circulates all over the food and evenly cook whether it is wings, fries, chicken breast, vegetables, or any dessert. Temperature can be adjusted from 100F to 400F according to the requirement. With its advanced built-in functions you can broil, roast, grill, reheat, bake, dehydrate, and air fry.

You can also pause the cooking process to check the food. Brio air fryer is compact and is the perfect size for cooking 1.5 pounds fries, 1 pound of wings, and 2 chicken breast that can feed 2-3 members. Basket of this air fryer has a nonstick coating that prevents food sticking and all the removable parts of this unit are dishwasher safe.

What do we like?
  • Digital temperature control
  • Advanced safety feature
  • 6 presets programs
  • Preheat and reheat functions
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Super air technology
  • Oil free food
  • Very easy to use
  • Reasonable price
What don’t we like?
  • It beeps loud when press button
  • You have to turn it off to restart

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6. BELLA 2.6 quart small air fryer (Best Budget)

BELLA (14538) 2.6 Quart Air Fryer, Bella air fryer is one of the best smallest air fryer 0f 2022 in this list. It has  lots of exciting features and cheap price. With this 2.6-quart basket size, you can make 2.2 lbs of food. You can also make chicken nuggets, French fries, and onion rings that will be golden crispy without extra oil and calories.

This unit has two knobs that are used for temperature and timer settings. You just have to set the required time and temperature after adding ingredients. When your food will be ready the indicator will let you know that your food is ready to eat. The circular heat technology and 1500 watt power ensure that the food cooks quickly with better taste and evenly cook.

With its cool basket handle, it is easy to and safe to look at food during cooking. It also has an automatic safety feature that enables this unit to shut off after the process and make it safer. You will get all in one product that can work as toaster, slow cooker electric kettles, and juicer as well at cheap rates.

This air fryer is a space saver and with this smaller size, it can be fit anywhere. You can quickly cook for 1-2 people.

What do we like?
  • Safe to
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Less fat and calories
  • Circular heat technology
  • Temperature and time control knobs
  • Smaller size
  • Easy to use
  • Space saver
  • Good for 1-2 people
  • Make food crispier than a toaster and oven
What don’t we like?
  • Loose screw in the basket
  • No rack to put the hot basket

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7. Dash compact air fryer

Dash (DCAF150GBAQ02) air fryer Dash air fryer uses air crisp technology that reduces about 70-80% fat without changing the taste and flavor. With its 1.2 quart small size, this air fryer is lightweight, easy to handle and is the best compact air fryer of 2022.

You just have to put the ingredients in this mini air fryer and set the temperature. Just because there is no need for preheating your the food will be ready in a few minutes.

It also has an auto shut off feature that prevents overcooking and burning. This feature makes it safe so that kids can also use it. With this small size, you can make 1 dozen chicken wings and 1lb fries. You can set the timer and temperature with the help of the knob.

With its cool handle on the basket, you can hold it easily. Dash air fryer is available in 4 different colors with amazing design so you can select your favorite one at affordable prices.  Accessories that you will get with this air fryer are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

What do we like?
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Temperature and timer control feature
  • Less oil food
  • 1.2 quart size
  • Space saver
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 4 different colors
What don’t we like?
  • Can’t enough for two people

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In our list of best small air fryers 2022, These are the top choices of compact and small air fryers that you can buy. If you want to by the best rated small air fryer then ninja air fryer is the best small air fryer that is top-rated and buyer’s favorite product. If you want expensive high end air fry, ninja foodi will be the best. And if you want to buy affordable small air fryer then Bella small air fryer is also available in the market.


Which is the smallest air fryer on the market?

Dash compact air fryer is the smallest one having 1.2-quart basket size. And you can make a meal just for 1-2 persons.

Which is the best small air fryer?

Ninja air fryer is the top-rated and the best buy product has lots of features wide temperature range, 4 different presets, and have the 4-quart capacity.

How much is the capacity of small air fryers?

There are different air fryers with different sizes and features. The small air fryer capacity starts from 1-4 quart.

Is a 2-quart air fryer too small?

2-quart air fryer is the smaller air fryer but it can feed 1- 2 people easily.

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