Air fryer Science – How does an air fryer works and logic behind – 2022 Guide

Frying without oil is a miracle and is it seems mysterious that how an air fryer fry things without fats. The manufacturers of air fryer claims that you can bake, broil, dehydrate and cake make crispy food without using oil. Now the question is how does an air fryer work?

How does an air fryer work?

The air fryer do not fry things so oil is not used while preparing food. Instead air fryer use hot air technology this heat radiates from a heating element and revolves around the food. When you add the ingredients into the basket and start the unit. The hot air blow and with the help of a fan it evenly distributed in to the chamber. This hot air produces a convection effect that cook and turns the exterior of the food in to brown.

There is an exhaust at the end of the air fryer that release unwanted hot air.  As the temperature keeps increasing and reaches to 320F food like frozen chicken and French fries turns in to brown. Hot air deep fries items and also gives them a crispy texture.

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Air Fryer In action – Explanation Video

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